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Must see..There in my eyes…

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The Fight to save lives

My Journey of Faith has been quite amazing!I love God First. I’m 35 years old.I have 3 boys and a daughter.Ive been homeless for about 2years.I am currently in homeless program called Safe Haven.The program help find shelter for you and children. Providing financial assistance to help build where you can sustain on your own,along with plentiful useful resources.I’m currently am having Serious health issues.

My liver is enlarged,I have hypertension,anemia that’s just name a few. I’ve been fighting to save myself from something life threatening as Enlarged Liver…For 2 years I have spent my life in going to countless emergency rooms,Pcp,specialists and doctor offices. As a woman that knows her body, listens to her body. I started experiencing various of symptoms. Being that person that I am,started taking notes.I went to doctor’s like u suppose to. The doctors and nurses are the backbone of healthcare…(You would think) Healthcare Providers spend there lives saving lives… I think there needs to be change in the Healthcare System period. If Health Care provider’s whereto do The job of Doctor, instead of trying do the Job,of The Creator more lives will be saved. Here I’m going going to share photos,videos ,documents and more with the world. Hopefully my Journey of Faith will help inspire and encourage others join the fight 4 change! Together, We can be the voice and fight for those who can’t.You can help me save mines & others lives. No one should have to go through what I have. It has to stop. We shouldn’t have to wait until bad things happen for things to get better. I’ve done everything as a human being and patient supposed to do with my health and concerns.Ive taken all the preventive measures, Excersice my rights & responsibilities as patient.Instead the Healthcare System has violated all my rights and responsibilities. I have not been treated with respect or dignity. My right to be involved in my care,treatment plan etc, not valued at all.Ive been treated less than human, profiled,name slandered through hospital,judge,discriminated list goes on. WHY??? I wanted to find out what is causing changes within my body….Early detection..

Health care providers are not saving lives. Too many countless mistakes,in the entire Health Care System are taking lives!!!Perfect Example: Latoya Richardson.If my liver isn’t functioning normally, it causes the rest of body not function…Im swelling,knot and lumps forming everywhere in my body. I’ve had a dramatic weightloss,pain increasingly everywhere,vertigo,more fatigue,swelling and pain in abdominal for over 6 months, lost of coordination,behavior changes,restless,appetite loss,hair loss,streaking of skin,muscle spasm,burning in my head-scalp like it’s on fire,on set headache,chest pain,blurred and double vision. I actually lost sight for about 15 to 30 sec. in Aug,2018. Help me Fight please! State of Emergency! 911 ! We have the Creator with us! He has all the Resources! There Free! God empowers Us.I Fight with Faith.Keeping my Faith in God,Trusting and Believing(The Unseen)The reason I am breathing right now. PRAISES TO GOD! I CAN DO ALL THINGS IN CHRIST WHO STRENGTHEN ME… With this strength💖 I will continue to fight💖 live 💖 God divine purpose for my life💖helping save others💜Please repost,blog,pix etc. Share your comments and concerns.💖Thanks💖I love you💖God💖You.